Theatre Review: The Children

‘Humour and Humanity’ this is how the actress playing Rose, Sally Dexter summed up this absorbing thought provoking play which is currently on at the Playhouse Nottingham.

It’s a one act performance, 1 hour and 40 minutes; to be honest I was worried, the time flashed by though not thinking once about needing the loo! 

If you’re of an older generation, born say in the 1950’s or 60’s, ‘The Children’ will likely hit the spot dead on.  The three characters, yes just three, are highly relatable due in the main part to the script by Lucy Kirkwood which is superb.

But why is this play in particular so good?

For me it was more than the sum of its parts, the acting great, the set fabulous as we said the script superb, the ‘humour and humanity’ great, but it was the relevance of the deep questions being asked took this play to being good to being exceptional. 

One almost throwaway line, ‘If you’re not going to grow don’t live’ said by the yoga practicing Hazel (played by Caroline Harker) but does she herself actually live by those words?

The dance scene was a tender ‘joy’ to watch, the part of Robin played by Clive Mantle very entertaining yet watched by myself with sad tears for those past almost forgotten years.

The Children is showing at Nottingham Playhouse until 6th April, get your tickets here:

Review by Ann Taylor

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