Theatre Review: Séance – Lakeside Arts Nottingham

Being a big fan of the paranormal, and working for a paranormal group, I was intrigued when I saw Séance advertised at Lakeside Arts

A performance piece, how close would it be to a real séance? How would it work? The promotion doesn’t give a lot away, and rightly so, as it would spoil the experience.

Held inside a shipping container, despite previous experience of actual seances, I felt apprehensive.  Not nervous, more the feeling you get before going on a fairground ghost train, knowing that something is deliberately going to jump out at you.

We are greeted outside the shipping container by our host, who talks us through briefly what to do.  We are warned there is not much space and that it will be dark. Much like the tardis, the container does feel bigger inside than it looks on the outside,  that said, it’s snug.  We sit in pull down theatre seats, with a long table in front of us, and are instructed to put on headphones. Then we are plunged into total and utter darkness.

When I say total darkness, it absolutely is.  The type of darkness where you can’t see your hand in front of your face.After hoping my eyes will adjust to the darkness, I close them as it makes no difference anyway.

Whilst trying to review, I don’t want to give too much away.  They toy with your senses, and you question what is around you and where. What they have achieved is clever.  Very clever.  When denied of your sight and relying on sound only, your imagination can run riot.

I’ve not had a sense deprivation like it since I went to Dans Le Noir in France.  If you’ve been, you’ll know what I mean.

The ‘performance’ lasts just 20 minutes, but honestly, it’s enough.  Like that feeling of the ghost train – you know it’s not real – but you want to get off all the same.  It’s not something you would necessarily go to twice, as obviously you know what’s going to happen and how it works.  But if you’re in the area and fancy an adrenaline rush, then I’d highly recommend it.

Dare you go? 

Seance is running until 2nd April.  Book here

By Tanya Louise


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