Theatre Review: Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Last night I went to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong presented by Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society (CPDS), presented by Mischief Theatre Productions….and it didn’t disappoint the excitement I’ve had for it for the last few months. 

The first thing I’m going to talk about is the programme…it’s well worth picking one up. I normally use it to make notes on the cast, but this one is almost part of the show, a programme within a programme, as it were. CPDS are a fictional dramatic society that put on the performance and so the effort that has gone into that added detail is appreciated and just goes to show the comedic dedication that comes hand in hand with mischief. 

So, what is Peter Pan Goes Wrong about? Max. I’ve decided its about Max. Max (Theo Toksvig-Stewart) is the beneficiary of the production, and plays Michael, Mermaid, and The Crocodile. And for a short moment, Peter Pan. Until Peter Pan (Jonathan (Gareth Tempest) )  comes back to play Peter Pan. Confused yet? Exactly. 

The Peter Pan element is there, but I want to say barely. Anybody that has seen a Mischief Production will know what I mean. The general plot is lost (in a good way) amidst the side splitting slapstickery of the show. Highlights for me were John Darling (Dennis (Clark Devlin)) with his radio headpiece feeding him the lines from production, sport radio, and uber. The panto style rant from Hook (Chris (Jack Michael Stacey)) with audience participation…I got involved, and wholly believe anybody that sees it more than once will get that it’s encourages Rocky Horror style (Still sorry about that, Lucy, hope you enjoy the pamper kit, though)! The quick costume changes of Mrs Darling, Liza, and the hip thrusting Tink (Annie (Jamie Birkett) was seamless (I think that was an unintentional pun) and is just so incredible that something so comical must take so much choreography backstage. Another special mention to the Narrator (Francis (Jean-Luke Worrell) ) who my plus one pointed out was the butler we had previously enjoyed watching in Cluedo! 

There are so many great actors in this show, and I feel bad for not mentioning them all. It’s such a fast paced comedy that my mind is still trying to catch up and I’m still chuckling from the whole thing. 

If you like great comedy, mermaids, UV phalluses, and general ridiculousness, then you’re going to love this. If you’ve seen anything by these folk before, you know what you’re in for. Can’t recommend it enough. 

Review by Johnny Banks

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