Theatre Review: Haters Roast

When I saw this show was coming to Nottingham I just knew it was one I had to catch. A collection of some of my favourite drag queens dishing the shade. What was not to love.

This was a stellar line up of queens from both sides of the Atlantic, overseeing proceedings was the hostess with the mostest The Vivienne, while the roasters were Miz Cracker, Trinity the tuck, Heidi N Closet, Willam, Lawrence Chaney, Jimbo, Baga Chips and Kandy Muse.

Every queen was in stunning form and the laughs never stopped, despite a couple of awkward moments as the audience wondered if they should laugh – fortunately the queens being roasted were quick to give the thumbs up.

The night was exactly what I need, great fun, great laughs and great performances and a show I would highly recommend checking out – though it probably goes without saying this is NOT a show for the overly sensitive or easily offended.

Still if you want to hear some of the best drag queens in the business being read for filth then this is the show for you.

Review by Geri Patterson@activist84

Haters Roast took place at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on Thursday 6 April

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