Theatre Review: Frank Skinner – 30 Years of Dirt

Growing up I’d never miss the Frank Skinner show, finding myself singing along to Fun Time Frankie and watching some of the funniest interviews/sketches I’ve ever seen……Frank’s sketch dressed up as Tara Palmer-Tomlinson on “I’m a Celebrity” will always stay with me. A few years ago I cried with laughter listening to his audiobook, however I’d never had the opportunity to see him do stand up live and 30 Years of Dirt didn’t disappoint.

A solid and very funny 20 minutes support act by Pierre Novellie, the co-host of The  Frank Skinner Show on Absolute Radio was a perfect way to set Frank up. He also made a unique reference to ensure people switched their mobile phones off… by referring to them as “Dickhead Lanterns”.

What followed was a hilarious 80 minute set that included great one liners, quick witted wordplay, hilarious stories from his life and an opening 20 minutes where he interacted with the crowd to give the show more of a personal feel than your standard stand up at a larger venue.

As Frank quite directly alluded to the audience had a very specific make up, saying it was one of the only shows where the men’s had a longer queue than the ladies, which was indicative of the target audience, over 40’s men with prostate issues!

My biggest shock of the night was hearing that Frank is 67 years old……I still can’t believe it . A great evening for any Frank Skinner fan….or a fan of the whole 90’s more direct non PC comedy……… Simply put…..Frank Skinner being Frank Skinner.

Review by Shaun Forsyth-Benson

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