The Gloworm Family Christmas Survival Guide

We caught up with the experts in family fun at Nottinghamshire’s award-winning Gloworm Festival (16-18 August 2024) to bring you the ultimate survival guide for the festive season. 

Every year, Gloworm pulls out all the stops bringing together a weekend of live music, art and loads of activities to encourage families to play and have fun together in the outdoors. 

Here are their top tips for having a super silly Christmas, making loads of funny memories with lots of brilliant cheap activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Embrace your inner child

Engage in snowball fights or build a gingerbread house that defies the laws of architecture. Kids love it when their favourite adults really get down and engage in playtime with them.

Turn a walk into a treasure hunt

Grab your wellies and coats, and go for a walk around your local area to enjoy the festival decorations and lights that adorn the houses. Little ones love a treasure hunt, so why not go the extra mile my creating a tick list of things for them to find? Include things like ‘A Snowman’ ‘Santa’ ‘Stars’ etc to make it super fun!

Christmas Carol karaoke

Get ready to showcase your tone-deaf talents! Stage a full-blown family karaoke session with off-key renditions of classic carols. Earplugs are encouraged for the neighbours.

Gift Wrapping Wars

Turn wrapping gifts into an epic battle. Set a timer and see who can wrap the most presents — extra points for using recyclable paper and homemade trimmings. 

Ugly Sweater Extravaganza

Embrace the fashion chaos! Host an ugly sweater contest where creativity and tackiness collide. Bonus points for DIY decorations involving jingle bells and tinsel.

The Great Cookie Bake-Off

Have a cookie bake-off, but don’t stress perfection. Expect misshapen snowmen and gingerbread blobs—just add extra icing and call it modern art!

Family Photo Frenzy

Attempt a family photo session in matching PJ’s or Santa hats. Don’t worry about picture-perfect poses; capturing the chaos is the true holiday spirit.

Holiday Movie Marathon

Snuggle up for a movie marathon with holiday classics. Make a game out of spotting continuity errors or predicting cheesy plot twists!

All Together Now

It’s a special time of year that the generations can be together so sit back and let the grandparents take the lead and share some games they used to play in their own childhoods. 

Give the Gift of Gloworm

Give a sustainable gift this Christmas with tickets to Gloworm at Holme Pierrepont Country Park. Starting from £40 for an adult day ticket, it’s a great way for grandparents, parents and children to have fun together. 

Gloworm Festival takes place at its new Nottinghamshire country park home in August next year (Holme Pierrepont Country Park, 16-18 August 2024). Find out more

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