Review: Live Comedy Showcase

Ever wanted to laugh at someone else’s misfortune? Well this this comedy showcase would’ve been for you! On Wednesday night Nottingham was treated to the best neurodiverse comedic talents on the circuit.

Whilst there were moments where the audience were a little uncomfortable and the almost audible thought of “should we be laughing at this” was shared amongst the audience, there’s no denying it was a hilarious night.

Georgie “do you know what I mean” Morrell was our compère and really got the crowd warmed up for the show. Which is no mean feat in a theatre, as standup showcases are normally more suited to a pub type venue.

First up was on Dan Biswas, who made me crack up with his very relatable jokes about Indian families.
Bennie Shakes was next who was filth but somehow Ricky Belshaw, who followed him, was even filthier.
Last but not least was Robert White, whose humour was sharp and fast. Really wanted to be able to rewind bits as missed so much whilst laughing so hard!

However the stand out performance of the night award has to go to Donna, the sign language lady, and her magnanimous success in keeping up with Bennie Shakes description of a sex in a disabled toilet.

Review by Josie Opal

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