Nottingham Queer Arts Collective Birthday Bash

The Nottingham Queer Arts Collective is celebrating its first birthday this week by hosting a diverse cabaret event at Nottingham Playhouse.

Set up by the Queers of Nottingham Playhouse Youth Board the NQAC’s aim is to bring together LGBTQIA+ artists of all disciplines from in and around Nottingham to appreciate, liberate and support the community and art.

The birthday celebration cabaret is taking place this Wednesday and features an exciting and eclectic lineup that promises a fun night – and all for just a fiver.

The line-up will feature:

Ben McPherson – a bisexual writer, performer, and comedian working in Nottingham. Ben’s work stretches from poetry to plays and has featured on BBC Radio 4 and seen him perform with the incomparable Michael Rosen.

Danica Taylor – from paintings to poetry, Danica creates art about mental health, feminity and fatality, with a twist of surrealism and love. For this event, Danica will be performing poems about the end of the world and self-acceptance.

Doug Frisby – an intergalactic, guitar-wielding drag thing writing glam-punk anthems and queer comedy songs.

Holly Wilshere – fine art student and semi-feral singer, Holly’s work aims to explore identity and queerness, bringing together disparate elements to construct a new whole.

Beta Max – a DIY arthaus King. With the visual style of Max Headroom and 90s early morning cartons and the dancing style of Kate Bush and your uncle at a strip club.

Jenby – multidisciplinary performer, playwright, poet, adult model, and sex blogger. Her own site, JenDragon, was voted one of the internet’s top 100 Sex Blogs two years running.

Crisis Mullet – an all-trans cover band taking songs you love and queering them up. Influenced by punk, and folk, and subverting all norms possible, they’re here to make you sing, dance, and question gender roles.

YAY MARIA – a transgender musical artist who makes queer pop tunes for feelz and boogying.

As previously mentioned tickets for this eclectic lineup are just £5 and tickets are available here

For more information on the Nottingham Queer Art Collective and information on how you can get involved, if you are interested, click here or check them out on Facebook

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