Editors Blog: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Well folks another year is almost behind us and, I reckon, it’s safe to say it’s been a pretty good year for Nottingham music once again. OK we might not have had another number one artist but several of our local stars have been making their mark. Saint Raymond continues to rise, as does Indiana, while Sleaford Mods have exploded over the last few months, making just about every Top 10 of the year list we’ve seen.

Splendour once again featured some great Nottingham sets, while the return of the Hockley Hustle was a HUGE success, bringing in over £20,000 for local charities, while other festivals such as Waterfront, Macmillan and the Oxjam Beeston Takeover all had fantastic years.

Here at NottinghamLIVE we’ve had an up and down year. Sadly we saw the demise of our radio show, but we’ve grown our team, had some ace interviews, supported some fantastic festivals (including the NLC/RACPA fest and Macmillan) and hosted a stage at the Hustle – which was brilliant.


So as 2015 approaches we look to where we go next. Well we’re already planning to support more festivals next year while we’re certainly hoping to be a part of the Hockley Hustle once more in 2015. We’re continuing to grow things here at NottinghamLIVE with our new Editorial board working on great plans for the future which we hope will encourage you to keep supporting us.

We’re going to be launching (and relaunching) some features including Coming to Town which will take a look at some of the gigs from none-Notts acts taking place in the city. Plus we’ll be bringing back our Artist of the Month feature as well as features on some of the city’s venues.

During the back end of the year we formed an exciting partnership with the newly launched Nottingham wrestling federation Rock n Wrassle, already we’ve had exclusive interviews with the groups founders, Dan Lord and Adam Clarkson, and MC/wrestler Priscilla. In 2015 we’ll be bringing you more great content and exclusives and we’re looking forward to seeing that relationship grow.

Adam and Dan

We’re also looking for more media partners in the Nottingham creative community, so if you’re keen to work with us get in touch.

We’re looking to really expand some of our coverage, especially in the likes of Art, Literature and Community, and hopefully having dedicated Editors for these sections will help us achieve that. We’re also looking at turning some focus on Social issues that matter locally – especially with 2015 being an election year – and possibly the most open on in memory.

As ever we’re always looking for people to join our team, whether it be reviewers, photographers, bloggers, columnists and more, so be sure to get in touch if you’re interested. We also always keen to work with video folks to help us with some exciting video products we’d like to take forward.

Finally, thanks again for taking the time to check out the site over the year, it’s the reason we keep doing it no matter the ups and downs and we look forward to welcoming you back to the site in 2015.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas have a fantastic day and a wonderful New Year.

Here’s to 2015.

Darren Patterson

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