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Hey Ma! They sent me a record! They put in a note and a CD and a download card too and thanked me in advance for some words. How’d you say no to that?

If this had just landed, I’d make a spiel. I’d namedrop some bands for mine and their kudos and get all insightful on citing throw-back kick-back hair-slinging influences drawn up and dredged out and keenly stitched together.

Just landed this hasn’t. Like A Hatfull of Hollow its weaved out of live takes, re-recordings and released unreleased all polished for album consumption. Maida Vale takes from 1986 and tracks and recordings from before and after. Strap on two bags of Saxon, one sack of Sabbath, enough riffs to trip over, breaks of static and stab, tempo, momentum, spittle and spite and here’s an original slice of hairmetalgonepunk with ambition and spunk.

A happy tale bio is printed on the sleeve. History splitup resurrection splitup resurrection. A chance meeting and a one off some 30 years later and that’s what led to this LP. Looks like battlecry metal all red black and axes, the inside all silhouette war scene vultures. Sounds more believable than it looks. Hooks, chiming vocals and chaotic solos. Guitars range from twinshred to Banshees simple with an unmistakably decade placed chorus. Drums sitstand there pounding never over-excited but driving all way. Million Dollar Baby vocals with a very British bite never too far from a tiger’s eye or a 747. The bass it just perfectly accents.

It’s convincing, constructive and at times seductive with a theatrical wink now and then. It’s cleverly strewn between genres, it’s cleverly sown up together.  It’s clear there is/was ambition and influence from beyond just one writer or maker.

Adventurers venture. It’s a pretty good ride. Word is more’s to come.

‘Battlefield’ by Crisis is available from sonicagerecords.com

New EP ‘Regeneration’ available from CD Baby.

DV Out.

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