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An email pinged up
 “I’m emailing today on behalf of RUSH Hair, a brand new hairdressing salon that is just about to open near on Long Row in Nottingham’s city centre. 
I wanted to get in touch as we’re hosting an exclusive VIP night before the official opening, and I wondered if you’d like to come along to cover the launch? 
There’ll be a chance to meet the stylists, explore the salon, mingle with other VIPs, be pampered with a treatment or two and of course, take home some lovely hair and beauty goodies! “
Now usually when this kind of email drops into my in-box. I’m overjoyed.  I mean, what girl doesn’t love a pamper?   But as I lifted my heavy head and squinted at the screen through tired eyes, my heart sank.  I’ve not talked about last year much, but this email arrived during the time I was being treated for Cancer, and as most women will tell you, Cancer is bad enough in itself, but losing your hair, your identity, your femininity (that’s what it felt like for me anyway) makes the ordeal a whole lot worse.
full length
I missed my hair.  My lovely long blond locks that I had to get my Mum to hack off because the chemotherapy had literally frazzled it, and because I knew, I had been warned, that it would fall out anyway.  I considered going along to the evening in my wig. I was determined Cancer wouldn’t beat me and so when I was up to it, I would put the wig on, go out and be ME.  Not this thing the Cancer and it’s treatment had made me.  In the end I decided against it.  I couldn’t face the embarrassment of the possibility of a stylist reaching for my fake hair and it moved.
I emailed Claire from the PR company who had sent the email and explained my situation.  I was trying to keep it secret from the world.  Deal with it on my own, but I felt I owed her an explanation.  I have known her a few years and she was absolutely lovely about it.  She told me to let her know when I was up to it and she would get me booked in.
Let me tell you, hair that has to grow from scratch seems to take ages.  I was born blond, but when it started to go dark in my teens I hit the ‘Sun In’ a product you sprayed onto your hair to lighten it and then blow dried it to a crisp with heat. Later I used hairdressers to dye it and then, due to lack of time, the home dyes.
My hair, much I as loved my dear departed mane, was not in great condition.  What I will say though is that I seemed to be having to touch the roots up all the time, and yet now, it can’t grow quick enough.  “It’s because it’s deep rooted” said my consultant “It’s having to grow again from deep in the root, like a babies”
From the end of chemotherapy mid November to mid May, it had grown a mere 2 inches.  Torture for a girl who has always had long hair.  But I’m well, and for that I am forever grateful.    So, my hair had grown back, but obviously lacking in any shape or style. Just a curly mop of dark hair.   I emailed Claire.  “I’m ready now, for that pamper session”  the lovely Claire got me booked in pronto.
I arrived at Rush Hair, hiding under a baseball cap, questioning why I hadn’t gone to a back street salon and hid away, rather than going to one in the heart of the city. Once well inside the salon, with it’s modern sleek interior, I sheepishly removed my head gear. My stylist Craig sat in in a chair and I told him my story as I have you.  Craig looked at me and my hair and sensitively suggested how he could get some shape back into it. I was concerned that cutting it now would put me back a step in my effort to grow it long again, but he reassured me that keeping the top long but shaping the sides and back would be the first and best step to returning my hair to it’s former state.
I should also just mention the drinks.  When Rush offer you tea or coffee.  It’s not just a cup placed in front of you, it’s an actual coffee jug on a tray, just like you’d get if you’d ordered it in a posh cafe.
As we had agreed on a plan, Craig led me to the sink and gave my hair a wash.  Think it’s nice having someone wash your hair in a salon?  Think how great it feels when it’s the first time in a year.  It felt amazing,  and the short Indian head massage a luxurious welcome bonus.  I could have sat there all day, sadly for me, this popular salon had other clients, so it was over, and I was back in my seat.
Craig reconfirmed I was happy with what we’d discussed, and snipped away at my baby hair, adding shape to what was becoming the dreaded ‘Cauliflower Head’ Craig gave me his complete attention throughout and chatted like an old friend, which really put me at ease in a situation which I once would have loved but now felt daunting.   His explanation of what he was going to do had been thorough and clear.  He is obviously experienced and so I wasn’t too worried or panicking I was making a mistake.
As my hair took shape, Craig added product to give further style and hold.  I wish I could remember the name, but I’ve bought so many products from hairdressers in the past I have a box full, and lets face it, I haven’t been using them for a year, so I didn’t take much notice. All I can remember is that it was Kerastase, but the salon does stock and use a number of products from which they can choose from to give you the best results, and which you can buy to take home.
Tanya Brown Hair Smile 6
All finished, Craig checked I was happy with my finished cut by showing it me in a lovely big grand mirror.   It’s still wasn’t ‘Me’ but it was a start and a big thank you to Craig at Rush for dealing with it sensitively and professionally.
I left with my confidence slightly restored, my head held high and my baseball cap firmly tucked in my handbag as I made my journey home. 
Rush currently have an offer for new clients with 50% off.
 Disclosure: .My haircut was complimentary but the views are my own and I would recommend the Salon.
I thought long and hard about taking about my illness and only now have I felt ready to do so. If my experience can help others then I am happy to share. Finally I am back to being blonde, even if it is short!
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By Tanya Louise


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