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As we herald in a new and much anticipated year, thoughts turn to resolutions and hopes for the future.  Many uncertainties abound but the one thing we can all address is our health. 

Staying as well as possible, emotionally, physically and mentally is key to facing challenges with greater resilience, energy and focus.

Members of the Wellness Network online, all experts in their own chosen fields of wellbeing, have come together to offer a 15-point WELLNESS NETWORK blueprint for staying well in 2021.   The expert advice covers simple spiritual actions such as being kind through to important physiological needs of the body for substances such as serotonin.

A tip for every month and all easy to implement and free of charge.

The expert advice is as follows:

Walking in Nature, getting outside in the fresh air, taking the time to really look at your surroundings and be present in the moment.

Envision the way you want each day to be at the start of each day, set your expectations.

Listen to your body – it is your own GPS. What is it telling you and how can you accommodate her? Ask yourself frequently, “What do I need in this moment?”

Lean on someone for positive self-care.  The song ‘Lean on me’ is spot on as wellbeing can come in all shapes and sizes including massage; exercise; music or even tarot readings to give us comfort about the future. All help to clear the mental and emotional clutter that we needlessly carry around.  Self-care is not necessarily a solo activity so lean on your chosen wellness practitioner.

Napping and sleep are essential.  The body can go 8 – 24 days without food & water but only 11 without sleep.  Sleep affects every organ system and every state of our being.  In these uncertain times, make sure that you and your family create regular sleep patterns and go to bed and get up at the same times each day.  Remove all electronic devices where possible from the bedroom and switch off from blue-light (from the TV, your computer or phone), an hour before sleep.  Read in bed or listen to a hypnosis recording to get your brain into a better frequency for ‘switching off’.  During the day, if you can, take a Nappuccino – drink a coffee then nap for 20 minutes when the caffeine will kick in and bring you back refreshed.

Energise yourself in the same way as a high-performance athlete: by adding rest and recovery into your schedule.  It is by design that school lesson sessions are usually 40 minutes to allow for a rest each hour. Meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises and mindfulness are transformative practices that calm your parasympathetic system to actually help to remove stress from your brain & body.

Serotonin is a happy hormone that helps you feel good- and the recipe for creating it is very easy! When we have positive thoughts, have positive interactions with people (or pets) or do a positive action, serotonin is created, helping us feel happy and more in control of our lives. And when you create lots of Serotonin you can see it as you actually glow! So, focus on the positives- no matter how big or small.

Stillness of the body helps awaken our awareness. When we step off the busy and chaotic treadmill of life and pause, we start to see things more clearly. We notice the quality of our thoughts. We notice our emotions. We notice how the body feels. From this place of stillness, we can choose to act consciously rather than reactively.

New ways to Think Differently can protect your mental health. You can turn negative thoughts into positive ones by questioning their truth. When a looping thought occurs ask yourself ‘What is?’ rather than ‘What if?’.

Emotions – are all good. You don’t have to be happy or positive all the time.  It’s OK to feel sad, angry, confused or unhappy. If is normal, so don’t beat yourself up about them. If you need to shout out loud do so, or punch a pillow to release it or run on treadmill or dance like crazy for five minutes to feel better.

Take time out for self-care, nurturing and connecting back to self so we are present.

Wish & Dream, as you never know, what you Wish & dream for today, you could achieve tomorrow.

Overwhelm feels like running on empty and can take a toll on you physically, emotionally and mentally.  To beat overwhelm you can change two things: a) Your way of BEING (inner – your paradigm, based on beliefs, giving rise to thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself if your beliefs are working for you any longer?). b) Your way of DOING (outer – your actions, behaviour, circumstances. Take time to calm down, replenish, reset in nature every day).

Rejuvenate: as we head towards Springtime we look forward to renewal and being re-energized again. Perhaps meditate on those things in your life that make you feel young and youthful. Perhaps it’s particular friends or enjoyable activities. Simply listen to your body, your emotional intelligence. Make time for those things you want to do or people you want to be with, not resorting to what our minds tell us we should do.

Kindness improves our quality of life in every way.  It breaks down barriers, brings people together and makes one feel good. Showing kindness to others is just as rewarding as receiving it from someone else.


Rosalyn Palmer: Advanced Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach

Clare Wildman: Coach at Clare Wildman Coaching

Monika Mudra: Massage Therapist at MM Meaningful Massage

Maggy Jackson: Counsellor, psychotherapist trainer & clinical supervisor at Think Differently

Lesley Edwards: Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist from Calmer Life Hypnotherapy

Joy White: Multi-disciplined therapist at Complete Therapy

Gemma-Marie Gaynor: Direction and Healing for the body, mind and soul from Secrets of Awen

Stewart Redpath: Joint founder of Mindharp

Nicola Rose: Wellbeing Facilitator

Treena Maun; The Phobia Lady

Danielle Louise: Spiritual healer at Life by Danielle Louise

Kerry Munro: Wellbeing Practitioner from Mindsfirst

Nina Roberts: Funeral Celebrant and Medium at DOT Spiritualist Centre

For further information on The Wellness Network contact:

Johanna Thompson, The Wellness Network  07771 884 803    info@thewellnessnetwork.co.uk

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