Theatre Review: Village Idiot

Barbara – Played by the inspirational Eileen Nicholas

As I entered Nottingham Playhouse last night I wasn’t sure what to expect, walking past people carrying signs and surveying the eclectic crowd. I must admit I hadn’t researched much into that evenings performance. All I knew about Village Idiot was that it was an offensive comedy, which was all I needed to know, personally, to be excited about it!

But that really wasn’t all it was, there was so much more depth to it than just swearing, and don’t get me wrong, the coarse language, innuendos and very non pc opinions came thick and fast. The balance was just right, between comedy, and it really was funny, hadn’t laughed that much at the Playhouse since Three Kings, and depth. The emotive scenes were interspersed with hilarious variety performances from the Syresham village show.

It basically was a fucking brilliant play, definitely one of my new favourites. I particularly enjoyed how such deep poignant messages were so cleverly delivered. Be it about sexuality, nature, politics or acting in people’s “best interests.”

It contained some of the most creative insults ever delivered by the most well thought out characters portrayed by the most talented of cast. I would highly highly recommend seeing this, I’m tempted to go again myself! But be warned expect the unexpected and if you’re easily offended by the B,T, S, F or C word it might not be for you!

Go see this if you like to laugh till you cry and cry till you laugh, but if you’re are offended remember Barbara won’t give a flying fuck. Oh and if you go, don’t forget to let them know if you have a butt problem.

Village Idiot is showing until 25 March at Nottingham Playhouse. Get your tickets here:

Prices start range from £11-£33 and you definitely get your moneys worth with this show!

Review by Josie Opal

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