Theatre Review: The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart a short story by Edgar Allan Poe is a timeless classic in the realm of Gothic literature, celebrated for its mastery of psychological suspense and its exploration of the depths of human madness.

The heartbeat which is heard along with the ticking of the pocket watch emphasise the descent into madness of the protagonist serving as a powerful device that intensifies the story’s suspense.

However last night what with the very dark staging and the awkward unnerving extenuated small talk of the first half of the play had a few in the audience drifting off to sleep.

The adaption of the story into a play was written by John Goodrum who is also performing in this play as Roderick Bounty ; a bleak strange claustrophobic character, who we the audience were led to believe was the main villain of the piece.

The play was first produced by Rumpus Theatre Company in 2022 is now on stage at Theatre Royal Nottingham.

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Review by Ann Taylor

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