Theatre Review: Rude Science

On Sunday Nottingham’s Royal Concert hall was packed with families and excited children. Personally I wasn’t quite sure what we were in for, how were they going to keep all these little ones engaged for the whole show? Well my concerns were certainly misplaced. From the moment it started to the very very end every the kids and grownups alike were entertained and involved.

We started the way every good show should…with a health and safety briefing swiftly followed by a scream test to see which side of the theatre could achieve the highest on the decibel meter obviously.

This show is educational yet very very funny, as well as slightly gross, there were groans and shrieks galore (and that was just from the dads).

From thermal imaging to see audience members bum prints to getting audience members to eat some rather disgusting bodily fluids and explosives this show packed it all in. Definitely a good choice for any young budding scientists out there.

Review by Josie Opal

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