Review: Peter Pan Goes Wrong


Christmas comes early to Nottingham (not Derby) this week, as the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society put on J.M. Barrie’s eternal story as a pantomime – sorry, ‘traditional Christmas vignette’ – the outcome is entirely unpredictable other than it is going to be a riot.

The 15-strong cast give it their all, including back stage members of the ‘production team’ as they are unwittingly embroiled in much of the action as they endeavour to help the show along; their involvement creates some of the chaotic highlights

Many of the cast are required to take on more than one role, in Naomi Sheldon’s case no less than four separate characters, mayhem madness or comic genius?

The set plays a major part in that it revolves, well I won’t say what else it does as it would spoil the fun, I am sure the cast must be covered in bruises , this is cutting edge slapstick comedy.

You have until Saturday 11th July at Theatre Royal when this production finishes its tour.

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Review by Anne Taylor

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