Review: Milton Jones


Milton Jones was out there in Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall last night. We (my son and I) knew what to expect from Milton from seeing him on mock the week, word play and off beat one liners and to that end he didn’t disappoint.

The conversations between the Union Jack and other flags was my particular favourite part of the show, “What did you do that for?” “Dunno”

Some of the one liners were pure gems other parts quite laboured and not really that funny to start with, one part was a sound nightmare when we heard the recording of a piece of deliberately horrendous music.

Milton was hilarious when he considers going vegan “VEGAN” this I am sure will be a long standing joke between my son and I for years to come.

Chris Stokes was the supporting act a baby faced comic who was very funny , we laughed hearing about the ninja seagull.

It was a good night out, thanks Milton! Very sanitised too.

Review by Ann Taylor

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