Pint of Science Festival

Next week will see the return of the Pint of Science Festival, a annual, nation wide event that brings science into pubs and bars around the country meaning you can learn about the latest goings on in various disciplines all while enjoying a nice cold pint.

Running from 10-15 May at venues across Notts, the event focuses on five topic areas at different locations, with each night featuring a line up focused around the chosen topic.

Beautiful Mind will feature talks on subjects such as the allure of conspiracy theories, facing your fears, the creeping impact of dark nudges, talks on mental health, anxiety and ADHD, as well as a talk on how Tetris is being used as a possible tool for treating PTSD.

These events run at The Blind Rabbit on Weekday Cross from Monday to Wednesday, though Monday’s event – Mysterious Minds: Senses, Fears and Conspiracies – has sold out.

Atoms to Galaxies is the topic of choice at Cosy Club on Victoria Street, here you can check out Under the Microscope LIVE with Luke Norman, a look at the fascinating subject of electron microscopy, how AI is being used to make chemistry greener, and how cats in boxes can be used to explain quantum mechanics.

Beeston Social, situated under the Arc Cinema in Beeston Town Centre, right next to the tram and bus interchange, is where you can check out a series of events on Planet Earth, learn about studying climate change in space, electric cars, the conservation genetics of the Fen Raft Spider, solid state hydrogen storage and how many pints of water are in a pint of beer!

On Monday you can head over to Bunkers Hill for Tech Visionary, an series of talks on the topic titled Tech Me Out, learn about the work and research that goes into determining the survivability of occupants in armoured vehicles when they encounter a landmine or IED, navigating the Business Intelligence landscape, and the battle to enhance corrosion resistance in components, and how broccoli is involved.

Our Body events are taking place across two venues – the Canalhouse and Liquid Light Brewing Company. At the former you can check out talks around various subjects including how young people are using TikTok to communicate their lived experiences with eating disorders, how synthetic soft tissues are being used to produce imitation human organs and how Darwin’s legacy has revolutionised our understanding of why brain cancers remain incurable. Meanwhile at the latter talks will include a look at new methods of lung disease research, 3D printing resorbable polymers for regenerative medicine and the benefits and risks of e-cigs and our current knowledge.

As well as this fantastic collection of events – which is way more than we can list above – there is also the Creative Reactions series of events at Carousel, kicking off with a launch event on Friday 10, there will also be an exhibition showcasing scientific research through the lens of art, workshops on creative writing poetry and natural history photography and a look at the art of communication through cartoons and comics.

All in all you can expect an action packed week of goings on and plenty of chance to learn more about a huge host of scientific topics, all in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

You can find out the full line up of events and purchase tickets for Pint of Science Nottingham – as well as the details on all events taking place at locations across the country – by visiting the official Pint of Science website.

Pint of Science takes place from 10-15 March 2024 at various locations across Nottingham and the UK.

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