Let’s Party – Bad Movie style

Notts Bad Movie Club, the event that celebrates the best in bad movies – think Super Mario Brothers, Anaconda and Street Fighter among others – have announced the double bill for their special first birthday party this August and they’re going with two 90s creature features in Congo and Deep Blue Sea.

Samuel L Jackson stars in Deep Blue Sea (1999) – see the movie at the Notts Bad Movie Club in August

For those that don’t know Congo is the 1995 big-budget movie about a group of explorers who head off to the African Congo in search of a rich CEO’s missing son, of course once they get there things soon go wrong. The movie was based on the book from the late Michael Crichton, who also penned Jurassic Park (which surely has to appear at one of the spin-off Notts Good Movie Club nights), and starred Laura Linney, Tim Curry and Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson.

As for Deep Blue Sea, well lets start by saying that this writer absolutely LOVES this movie, tells the story of a group of people trapped on a floating lap with a trio of sharks who have been made smarter was released in 1999 and starred Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, LL Cool J and SAMUEL L JACKSON and is, almost, certainly best remembered for one specific scene.

As well as the two bad! movies you can also expect all the usual fun that has come to make the Notts Bad Movie Club such a great event – games, shouting, laughing, drinking, eating and, as it’s a birthday party, they’ll even be CAKE.

The event takes place at Annie’s Burger Shack on Friday 18 August and tickets, which are sure to sell out, are available NOW.

We suggest you grab your tickets as soon as you can – and we also suggest you check out the episode of the NOTTS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT podcast with the chaps behind the Notts Bad Movie Club here.

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