Horrible Histories come to Nottingham with Horrible Christmas

When Christmas comes under threat from a jolly man dressed in red, it’s up to one young courageous boy to save the day – but can he save Christmas?

When you think of the festive season, many things usually come to mind – family, joy, goodwill, presents… but how about Oliver Cromwell (fact)? Or Henry VIII (fact)?  A Horrible Histories take on Christmas means only one thing – something Horrible, for both the kids and parents alike to love. Whilst the audience will be treated to sing-a-longs and a bit of ‘behind you’, do not expect the usual Christmas panto. 

From Victorian villains to Medieval monks, Puritan parties to Tudor treats, join us on a hair-raising adventure through the history of Christmas in the company of Charles Dickens, Oliver Cromwell, King Henry VIII and St Nicholas as they all join forces to save the festive season! 

Director/actor of Horrible Christmas, Neal Foster; last seen directing and starring in the Horrible Histories BBC Prom ‘Orrible Opera at The Royal Albert Hall says “Christmas is a special time of year and it’s wonderful to perform in a heart-warming show about the importance of family in the company of Horrible Histories, who always know how to have fun! It makes it even more exciting to be performing in these extraordinary venues and we can’t wait for Horrible Christmas to roll round!”

Bring the whole family to enjoy this horribly historical adventure as Horrible Histories presents the terrific tale of Christmas.It’s a celebration in the most wonderful, funny and moving way you’ll ever see.

To book, visit: https://trch.co.uk/whats-on/horrible-christmas/

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