Theatre Review: The Hallé goes to Nashville

As you would expect the Hallé covered Nashville exceptionally well.

Most of the 80 or so musicians on stage at the Concert Hall Nottingham had read the memo and wore either denim , check , rhinestones , a Stetson or a combination.

We were treated with some classic country starting with The Devil Went Down to Georgia and ending with Achy Breaky Heart. The four singers each had their stand out moments.

The musical was arranged by Kennedy Aitchison and he was on form on keyboards throughout. The conductor for the evening was Stephen Bell and he also got the memo, maybe he wrote it.

For me the star of the show was Sarah Jory, she shone like a bright star on the Steel Pedal Guitar with no need of sheet music, it seemed Country music runs through her veins. Her charisma would have reached, I am sure, right up to the upper balcony. A very talented lady, it is said the one of the best Steel Pedal guitarists in the world.

I wished at the time and am still of the opinion that it would of been better to hear more of the Hallé orchestra and less of the vocals. The vocals in a way distracted from the actual music of Nashville, one or two just instrumentals would have been great.

The Hallé will be back in Nottingham on March 14th with the music from Harry Potter films. You can bet they will all dress for the occasion.
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Review by Ann Taylor

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