Theatre Review: Ghost Stories

Never have I reviewed a show where the producers kindly ask for it not actually be reviewed; however that was the mist of the request received prior to attending Ghost Stories. Now having been I understand why, and I will honour the request to my death.

What I will say is the fear started to build long before the show started, due to the repeated warnings for those with nervous dispositions to think carefully about attending (it was even printed on the tickets). Entering the theatre, all the staff added to my intrepidation, they all seemed to be in on ‘it’. It also didn’t help that there was hazard tape everywhere.

By the time we got to our seats the atmosphere was tense, only broken by a spattering of nervous laughter.

The show did not disappoint, it built the anticipation perfectly and made me jump out of my seat on more than one occassion. It was clever, it was funny but most of all it was scary!

If you feel brave enough to attend it is showing until Jan 25th at Theatre Royal….get your tickets here if you dare.

Review by Josie Opal

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