Review: Fidelio Trio


As part of the Nottingham Chamber music festival, the Fidelio trio blew the roof off at Nottingham’s world famous Theatre Royal.

“If you think you know what chamber music is and how it should be presented, then think again. Because those behind this weekend’s new festival grabbed the rule book in both hands and tore it to shreds” Nottingham Post

In only its second year, Director Carmen Flores has put together a mixture of chamber music performances in some of Nottingham’s most prestigious venues concluding this Sunday with a performance by the United Strings of Music in Nottingham’s St Marys Church. If you get a chance, check it out, and help support our local classical music scene.

Back to the show. Excitement was building in the minutes before kick-off, as we waited for the staff to show us to our socially very distant seats one-by-one. I used the opportunity for some good old fashioned people watching and this show had them all. From the crying toddler to the appreciative steam punk with the busy hands and the sharp dress sense. Once Carmen had introduced the event and the band, the delightful Mary Duella (Pianist) introduced the first piece, Clara Schumann’s dark but cheery Piano Trio. Schumann was an internationally renowned pianist but additionally she was one of the first great female composers. Second up was The Swan by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns, part of his Carnival of the Animals. This was introduced by Tim Gill (Cello) who was both amusing and clearly very passionate. This piece was much more up my street, being slightly darker and even a little whimsical at times. The third member of the trio spoke towards the end and introduced the final short piece which was based on an Irish folk song.

Overall the band were technically gifted and clearly very passionate both about the music and playing it for a crowd. It was my first ‘proper’ gig in over a year and I loved it!!! The venue felt safe and they really showed consideration for peoples’ safety at this trying time. If you get the chance, jump at it.

Review by Abdul Khan

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