Review: Beanbag Club

Beanbag club returned to the Royal Concert Hall, albeit up even more stairs, this week to the delight of lots of families.

For those that haven’t heard of the beanbag club before it’s a lovely opportunity for little ones to enjoy different types of music in a more relaxed atmosphere. Basically everyone is on beanbags on the floor and the shows are quite interactive.

On Saturday O Duo, aka Toby and Owen gave us a wonderful display of their amazing percussionist talents. Starting by playing a shell and moving on to enormous instruments, such as the marimba, the duo captivated both the little and grown up ears in the audience.

It wasn’t all just sitting back and chilling on the bags, Toby taught us all some nifty dad dancing to get us all on our feet before dishing out cow bells and other instruments. Which certainly woke everyone up and was delightful for any grown ups who may have over indulged the night before! The looks on the faces of the little ones was worth it though.

There are more beanbags clubs planned in throughout the year check out for more information and tickets.

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