NottinghamLIVE Radio Show – Playlist – 15 May 2013


This week we were joined in the studio by the sensational Sara Louise who treated us to a sensational session, plus we had some great music as always, below is the full listing from this weeks show.


Hour One:

Fists – Ascending
The Loophole Project – So Close
Stephanie Hargreaves – What If
Elena Hargreaves – Falling
Emma Bladon Jones – Iris of War
Prefontaine – Self Distruct Mechanism
Captain Dangerous Heather & Tommy
Last Arrow I’m A Train
Jimmy The Squirrel See Me Smile

Hour Two:

Kane Ashmore The Ashmore Shoiw
The Golden Troubadours Bad Dream #269
Tim McDonald Chinese Waltz
Sara Louise This City Never Sleeps
Chloe McShane Singing Red
Frankie Rudolf Set Free
Sara Louise – Live in session
Sara Louise – Light UpLive in session

Sara Louise – Fairytale – Live in session
The Kissing Girls – Marjean
Rosie Abbott – If Everything was up to me

Hour Three:

Jake Morley – Freddie Lays the Smackdown
Josh Kemp – Freefall
Will Jeffrey – The Beasts
Widows – Green Tsunami
The Harmonics – Save the Last Dance
Fighting Evil is Cool – Hobo Song
Nick Aslam – Welcome
Rosh Rai – Wooden Man
Megan Sugarman – Price Tag – cover song of the week
Saint Raymond – Fall at Your Feet
Breadchasers Hold ‘Em Hard

Don’t forget to tune in next Wednesday when we have a DOT TO DOT SPECIAL featuring a live performance from SAINT RAYMOND.

The NottinghamLIVE Radio Show airs every Wednesday from 7-10pm on Trent Sound


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