NMP3 runner raising funds for NFFC Ladies in Marathon.

This weekend sees the return of the Ikano Robin Hood Marathon, with thousands of runners from Nottingham and beyond set to take to the streets in order to raise funds for a huge number of great causes.

One of these runners will be Lisa Clarke, a key supporter of the much vaunted No More Page 3 Campaign – who wrote a fantastic blog on the subject for us earlier in the year. Lisa will be taking part in the event in order to raise funds for Nottingham Forest Ladies Football Club, who, after missing out on a place in the Women’s Super League, are desperately in need of funding in order to stay afloat – a far cry from their more affluent male compatriots and a huge sign of the gulf between mens and womens sports.

Talking about why she is raising money for the club, who are one of two female football sides sponsored by the NMP3 campaign, Lisa said:


“Women’s’ sport gets only 5% of the coverage of men’s sport in the UK and this is letting down women and girls badly. Because of the poor coverage it is far more difficult to find sponsorship and funds. If we want to encourage young girls to be active we have to see more women’s sport in our press and we have to support women’s sport far more than we do. That is why I am running for Nottingham Forest Ladies FC. I want to do all I can. It makes me really cross that they struggle so much for funding when they play so well and are doing so well as a team.”

Lisa is aiming to raise £1,000 to help towards the running costs of the club, which runs on a purely basis via sponsorship, donations and player subs, this will help ensure the club can continue to move forward. With the marathon taking place on Sunday 28 September Lisa has, to date, raised almost half her target so support is very much needed.

You can donate to Lisa’s fund here.

To find out more about Nottingham Forest Ladies Football Club click here

For more on the NMP3 campaign click here

The Ikano Robin Hood Marathon takes place on Sunday 28 September, for more information click here

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