Music – The Invictus Games Choir team up with classical singer Carly Paoli for single release

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The Invictus Games Choir team up with classical singer Carly Paoli for single release


‘Liberty’ by Carly Paoli featuring the Invictus Games Choir will raise funds for Help for Heroes


Watch teaser video here: YOUTUBE

The single is released on July 20th 2018 and will also be included on Carly’s forthcoming album ‘Live At Cadogan Hall, released August 24th 2018 on ABIAH Music.

“Alive, the fire in our heart will never die.

Alive for freedom, we are standing you and I.

United joined as one through troubled times.

A prayer for our humanity,

The sun will never set on liberty.”

A choir formed of members of the Armed Forces who have been affected by their service have teamed up with classical star Carly Paoli on her latest single ‘Liberty’. The Invictus Games Choir, who feature on the track, are a community choir for serving and veteran personnel from all services, who are wounded, injured or sick, to help them in their recovery.

Supported by Help for Heroes, the Choir’s rehearsals and performance opportunities build confidence and provide a creative outlet to help support the choir members. The choir have now been given the opportunity to sing on Carly Paoli’s latest single ‘Liberty’. The song is written by the Grammy Award winning songwriter Walter Afanasieff whose many credits include hits for Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey. Featuring The London Symphony Orchestra, the song was recorded at Abbey Road and Strongroom Studios.


Carly met members of the Invictus Games Choir at the 2018 ‘Soldiering On Awards’ and felt the lyrics reflected the endeavours of the group and asked if they would like to record backing vocals to enhance the track. Speaking about ‘Liberty’ and recording with the Invictus Games Choir, Carly said “It’s really special to have the choir singing with me, they have all experienced so much more than I could ever imagine. The words in ‘Liberty’ say “from ashes…we’ll rise above it all” and the members of the choir are the epitome of individuals who have done just that in different circumstances and situations. Being together as a choir exemplifies that unity and the healing power of music. Every so often a song comes along that has a powerful message. This is such a song and I don’t think there could be a more powerful group of people to share such a strong message with.”


12 members of the Invictus Games Choir are featured on the single including Sue, a retired Senior Royal Navy Nurse. Sue sustained multiple fractures in an accident during service in 2009, since injury she has built her strength again through sport and rehabilitation and gone from being in a wheelchair to now walking on crutches. 


Sue was introduced to the Choir when they performed at Invictus Games Orlando 2016 opening ceremony, where she was competing, and inspired by their performance, she took the step forward to join the Invictus Games Choir. Sue said of the recording session with Carly Paoli: “It was a real privilege and honour to be part of the team and to have the wonderful opportunity to go to a recording studio and sing.  The experience has touched my heart greatly and it has been an incredible journey”


The recording choir comprised 12 volunteers from the Invictus Games Choir, representing all branches of the Armed Forces. The group consisted of 1 Serving Soldier in the British Army as well as 8 Army Veterans, 1 Royal Navy Veteran and 3 Royal Air Force Veterans


James who was also part of the recording session said: “After being discharged from the Household Cavalry with a diagnosis of cancer at the age of 25, I found a new passion for singing thanks to Invictus Games Choir.  It was absolutely amazing to be able to perform with such a phenomenal singer. Carly and her team made the Invictus Games Choir feel so welcome from the very start and made collaborating with them a dream for all of us, catering for all abilities, physical, mental and vocal. ‘Liberty’ almost feels like it has its own heartbeat; it is poignant, emotional charged and really hits home for a lot of the choir. With Carly’s enchanting vocals and the stirring lyrics, I really could not have wished for a better song to work with her on.”

As well as being released as a standalone single, ‘Liberty’ will also feature as the bonus track on Carly’s forthcoming album ‘Live At Cadogan Hall’. Recorded in February 2018 in London, the album features live renditions of songs from Carly’s debut album ‘Singing My Dreams’ as well as a selection of songs from across the musical spectrum.

Conducted by the Grammy award winning Steven Mercurio and featuring the world renowned flautist Andrea Griminelli, the 65 piece Abiah Symphony Orchestra and the winners of the BBC’s Songs of Praise Choir of the Year 2016, Tring Park 16 the concert received a glowing 4 star review of the concert in the Mail on Sunday, from Classic FM’s David Mellor, under the headline ‘Nobody does it better’.

Proceeds from the single will be donated to Help for Heroes to help military personnel, Veterans and their families affected by their service on their recovery journey, with activities like the Invictus Games Choir.




About Invictus Games Choir

There are many wellbeing benefits to singing which has been recognised by Help for Heroes who continue to support the Invictus Games Choir. It can bring a new sense of purpose and achievement, the feeling of being part of a team with those who have shared experiences, as well as the support and friendship of like-minded people.


Over 50 members are currently benefiting from the Invictus Games Choir, which will be performing the Great War Symphony at the Royal Albert Hall in October in 2018.


To find out more about the Invictus Games Choir or to sign up to be a part of it, please visit


Press enquiries to Kirsty Williams


About Carly Paoli:

Signed to the independent London-based record company ABIAH, Carly Paoli released her debut album Singing My Dreams in 2017.  The record charted at No. 2 on the UK’s Official Classical Albums chart, remaining in the top 5 for xx weeks, while earning 5 star reviews. Carly recently signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV. Her songwriting credits on Singing My Dreams include co-writes with Ennio and Andrea Morricone and James Horner having written English lyrics for Se Tu Fossi (Cinema Paradiso) and the theme from Legends of the Fall which now bears the title Memory of You.

In June 2018 Carly was nominated for the Sound Of Classical 2018 at the Classic BRIT awards. A firm believer in the importance of music in schools, Carly has recently announced a series of performances and workshops at schools with her musical director Liz Hetherington.

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