With an estimated one in every hundred workers suffering work-related stress, depression or anxiety, more and more of us need an antidote to the pressures of modern day life.* *Labour Force Survey 2016

Still Calm is a new venture by Beeston resident Louise Hallam, who aims to introduce the benefits of mindful meditation to both individuals and businesses alike. Her first Mindful Meditation Beginners Course (5 weeks) starts on 11 May at the Middle Street Resource Centre in Beeston. Louise is delighted to be able to support a local community venue that also offers valuable support to volunteers and attendees with mental health issues.

Louise came to meditation through and has been practicing meditation for over 5 years. She herself benefited from the positive effects of meditation, when her professional and personal worlds collided and she needed an outlet for coping with a poorly relative and a job choice that she regretted. The results were so powerful that she wanted to be able to share this with others. Louise trained with and is accredited by the British School of Meditation and is already changing lives for the better. The BSoM provides expert training accredited by Ascentis. Their qualification is recognised nationally by the Government agency, OFQUAL.

Louise says
“I aim to show people that you don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor to meditate! Something this beneficial should and can be practised anywhere, be easy on the knees and fit easily into our already busy lives. Still Calm is committed to making mindful meditation achievable and accessible to everyone. The benefits of mindful meditation have been felt by cultures around the world and throughout history. My teaching of this age-old practice embraces the traditional ethos of meditation but is adapted to support modern lifestyles and pressures. You can do it sitting in a comfortable chair, in your joggers and even in traffic!”


Louise offers group meditation classes, 1:1 meditation guidance, beginners courses, weekly drop in classes and business support sessions.
One recent participant commented “I attended the taster session for this last night and I slept brilliantly and feel very calm & relaxed today. Thank you.”
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Or contact Louise on 07960 674 020



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