Film Review: Blood Cells

Blood Cells is a story of a traumatic event, the post traumatic stress which can follow such an event and the effect it can have on a person as they try to live out their lives.

Adam, the main character of the film and somewhat of a nomadic drifter on the fringes of society, receives a phone-call from his younger brother which announces the birth of his first child and asks Adam to come home now to see him or don’t come back again. We follow Adam as he journeys home through the beautiful and margins of Britain as he attempts to deal with the stress that was thrust upon him in earlier life.

Set in the aftermath of the UK ‘foot and mouth’ outbreak of 2001, this heartfelt and ambitious debut feature length film from British film making duo Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull draws the viewer in as we watch the main character trying to deal with the tragic event of his past.

The actors cast for this film are made up of professionals in the industry but also of ‘real people’ off the street who, in many scenes, had no script to follow and were tasked to improvise their communications with the main characters; a concept which really adds to the realism of the film.

All-in-all a compelling cinematic experience from this budding British talent, backed up with a great soundtrack.

Review by James Toomey

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