200 Degrees Coffee Shop, Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham




Right Rob, Tom, Tim. Your Mission should you choose to accept it is to showcase the true flavours and characteristics of freshly roasted coffee to the people of Nottingham.

We want Coffee blends that have been perfected through meticulous testing in both the roastery and in local Nottingham Cafes and always sampled by a master roaster to ensure only the finest coffee is served in the shop.

Fortunately for Notts coffee lovers, university pals Rob Darby & Tom Vincent, along with Tim Moss have already done just that. I love a nice cup of coffee, fortunately so do 200 Degrees, one of Nottingham’s newest coffee shops and Artisan Roast House.

The ground floor of their premises in The Flying Horse Walk is devoted totally to the coffee shop, serving a range of specialist coffees, drinks and food.  Upstairs is the city’s first ever Barista training to ensure you are served the perfect cup, with dedicated courses and one to one sessions for both public and trade customers who are welcome to visit the school if they are setting up their own cafe or just wanting to learn more.

We visited early afternoon one cold Monday January afternoon to see what 200 Degrees had to offer. There is  a rich smell of coffee when we enter the shop. Instinctively we head for the table next to the neon fire, the place has an inviting interior, that kind of rich, warm feeling – not unlike the coffee.


There’s quite an eclectic vibe, a real mix of people ranging from students on lap tops, family’s and coffee lovers.

The shop offers a range of salads, breads, sandwiches, quiches and muffins. We opt for the Mediterranean Focaccia. Soft fresh bread with flavoursome roast mediterranean vegetables washed down with a rich Americano.

Created by three friends through their common love for coffee. Rob & Tom have 20 years experience in the cafe business behind them and it shows.

At 200 Degrees they source all their green coffee beans from Rain Forest Allianced certified Farms. From the heights of the Columbian mountains to the hill tracts of South India.

They even daily visit at least one of the local Cafes that stock their beans to sample and have a chat with customers and get feedback on the products.
As well as supplying some of the finest coffee beans, they can also offer machines if you want to try your hand at proper coffee-making at home.

A refreshing change from the chain coffee shops, 200 Degrees is a must for coffee enthusiasts, made not only with the finest beans but with love by people with a genuine passion for a cup of coffee that is something more than a cure for your next hangover.

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By Tanya Raybould

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