Theatre Review: The Comedy about a Bank Robbery

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Brought to you by the same people that wrote the world renowmed “The Play That Goes Wrong”, “The Comedy About A Bank Robbery” is a hoot from the get go. I was shattered, almost falling asleep before I went in to the show, but I was wide awake and literally crying with laughter within the first thirty seconds of curtain up.

The humour reminded me of Monty Pythcon, with a lot of clever use of word play and dragging jokes out longer than they should have, and then some, making it even funnier. Some slight Austin Powers moments in there, too. All done with mind boggling comedic timing and delivery. It’s fast paced comedy, a lot of the time leaving you with no time to be prepared for what comes next, and wondering if it could become anymore ridiculous.”>IMG_5523

It’s also very visually please. A scene looking down from the ceiling watching the characters below which is gravity defying. A car crash into a river, a clever use of lighting and some slo-mo acting taking you under water. Not forgetting a puppet jumping to freedom from a prison window.

Things didn’t go quite according to plan, a set malfunction for example, but even this felt part of the performance and didn’t seem to interrupt the cast’s rhythm.

The cast were all fantastic. As I said before, their comedic timing was brilliant, and this is testament to how well they all bounced off of each other. The choreography of the scenes was so well done that you wouldn’t even noticed that they would have had to be choreographed in the first place.

Expect some good wholesome fun, dad jokes, and groans galore at the best worst jokes you’ve heard.

Showing at Theatre Royal until 29 September grab the last couple of tickets from

Review by Johnny Banks

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