Theatre Review: The 7 Fingers – Passagers


Last night the incredible 7 Fingers, Canada’s contemporary circus act, did Nottingham the honour of performing their show ‘Passagers’ at the Royal Concert Hall. Although not a sell out there were enough there to still have an excited buzz fill the hall. It was a diverse audience, a lovely mix of people from all ages and backgrounds, with groups, troupes and families filling the seats.

The 7 Fingers spoilt us with a stunning display of strength and synchronicity, all around telling the story of travelling on a train (and perhaps through time). It was an audio visual feast that captivated even the youngest audience members from the moment it started until the second it finished. Even the setting up of equipment and changes of scene were part of the show and beautifully choreographed. There was great use of props and multi media which meant there was always something to see; the manipulation of lighting added a further atmospheric dimension.


The talent of the performers was immense, not only did they work harmoniously together but their individual skills were truly awesome, there was a combination of acrobatics, dance, music and spoken word; all interspersed with elements of comedy, insights and train facts against a wonderful soundtrack. They made their death defying, jaw dropping tricks look so easy and they were completely flawless. At the end I overheard someone comment, “That was amazing, at so many points I wasn’t sure part of the stage to look at.”

In my humble opinion it was the best thing I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy at the Royal Concert Hall. If you want to be entertained, thrilled and inspired please take this opportunity and go see them tonight 06 October 2021, tickets still available here

For more information on The 7 Fingers visit their website:

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