Review: Wild Tales

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Wild Tales is as the name suggests a film consisting of six tales, although I wouldn’t categorise them all as wild; some are simply outrageous and others just bizarre. Apparently when it was shown at the Cannes film festival the audience were applauding by the end of the first credits and I can see why, to me it was like a Tarantino film crossed with a Chuck Palahniuk novel. It is only rated 15 but some of the tales were as gruesome as anything Tarantino has directed. Argentinian director Damián Szifron has created a true masterpiece that was rightfully nominated for an Oscar. It is subtitled but don’t let that put you off it is so captivating you forget that you are reading.
It is hard to say too much about the tales themselves without giving them away, but just expect the unexpected. They are only linked by a theme; the theme of not knowing when to stop and that time does not heal all wounds. As it is multiple stories you cannot get bored, each emphasise that everyone has limits and you really can push people over the edge as you see their extreme but oddly believable overreactions. It definitely teaches you to be nice to anyone and everyone as you just never know…

There is an easy transition between the tales, you know when each is over as it literally cannot go any further, there are no harsh title scenes between each, the continuity is maintained by the theme and also the clever use of music. Each tale is just as good as the previous; each building its own anticipation and tension in short spaces of time, although I would suggest that the final tale was a step too far and for me was not as enjoyable or punchy as the rest. This ingenious film also has political undertones to it, with various mentions of blame towards the “system”, “this country” and “corruption”.
Yet at the same time it could easily be argued to be one of the blackest comedies ever made, it is disturbing and hilarious in equal measures; (although I was at times the only one laughing….but think that says more about me than anything else) the sarcasm was truly entertaining and luckily was not lost in translation. I love a film that can have you squirming one second and laughing the next and this one hits that nail on the head. The cast were incredible as well, the odd bit of eye candy here and there but oodles of talent.

If you have ever been called a drama queen or been told you have overreacted then this is the film for you, it will justify anything you have ever done as rational. Go see this if you have a short attention span, want to pick up some Spanish or need some self-justification.

Personally for me it brought some vindication and reassurance as there is a particular scene that proves I am not the only one that dunks their croissants in coffee…and yes it is the Spanish who do that and no it’s not gross.

Showing at Broadway Cinema from this Friday 27 March until 9 April check out to book tickets

Review by Josie Opal

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