Review: Mamma Mia!

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I would never consider myself an Abba fan but I obviously know the music. But let’s face it, who doesn’t? You could probably find a lost Himalayan tribesman to give a successful rendition on Dancing Queen if pushed.

Testimony to Abbas longevity is the musical Mamma Mia, a reworking of famous Abba tunes put into contemporary story setting that has been storming international theatres since its conception seventeen years ago.

MAMMA MIA! International Tour 2016 Bristol

The concert hall is packed tonight, the set pieces minimal but put to amazing use throughout the piece. We are treated to a polished, high energy performance that has boundless infectious enthusiasm.

By the second half, with each song that passes it seems sitting down gets less and less fashionable instead I join the sea of arm waving, clapping, cheering and not surprisingly, dancing audience.

The cast really worked well together balancing the wide range of vocal performances with physically demanding choreography, drama and comedy all mixed together.

MAMMA MIA! International Tour 2016 Bristol

Sara Poyzer is wonderful as Donna supported by the glamorous Emma Clifford as Tanya and audience favourite Jacqueline Braun as Rosie. A huge shout out to the ensemble for their amazingly vivacious performances from the acrobatics to slapstick comedy. This is a show for all ages and thoroughly deserving of their standing ovation.

Mamma Mia runs until 25th June…. Takeachancetakeachantakeachancetakeachance……

Tickets now released for rear stalls

Review by Adam Willis

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