Review: David Gibb- Beanbag Club

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The first Beanbag Club of the year took place at the weekend. The monthly event was, as ever, a massive hit with everyone from tots to granddads! This month was the turn of David Gibb, his band and their magical tree.

For me the stand out performance came from Gibb’s shoes, followed closely by Sean’s strong man (lifting up a humongous double bass whilst in an impressive rock lunge) and in third place was disco bears early appearance.


I can’t describe the pure joy on the little ones faces when they are bouncing all over the beanbags dancing and squealing and not getting in trouble; don’t get me wrong it’s not utter chaos they all seem to appreciate and listen to the band. It’s amazing to see them follow carefully any instructions given by either beanie bear or the band, such as specific actions to certain parts of songs or carefully carrying a boat else we would all drown (you had to be there).

Lots of fun for all the family, can’t wait for next months with Mils Trills all the way from America, to find out more and purchase your tickets click here.

For more information on David Gibbs band visit his website

Review by Josie Opal

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