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Best Seller Rosalyn Palmer

An immediate Amazon No.1 bestseller: Ignite Your Life for Women is a phenomenal book destined to change the lives of women through stories of perseverance, determination and overcoming odds from 35 Female Authors. 

Launched in San Francisco, USA, 16 May,  the book is now being launched in the UK by two of the co-authors Vivien Hunt and Rosalyn Palmer. On Tuesday 18 June, they will share their stories and the writing process with a private audience at Blackwall’s bookshop, London. Copies of the book will be available for purchase on the night.
Rosalyn Palmer, an Emotional Wellbeing Expert, RTT Therapist & Coach, broadcaster (Radio Newark) and writer from Newark will also have copies of the book for sale at Strays in Newark and at the Newark Book Festival.  This is her second book and follows publication last year of her award winning self-help book Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life. 
Days after its US launch, Ignite Your Life For Women reached number one on Amazon Kindle in the category of Personal Transformation and Spirituality in four different countries namely, USA, Australia, Germany and Canada.

Ignite Your Life for Women takes readers on an epic journey as each author (drawn from countries worldwide) describes an “IGNITE” moment (a moment of transition, insight or shift of awareness) that transformed their lives. The reader will discover powerful “ignite” moments themselves, feel motivated to take action and be empowered to do so through practical advice.

Thirty-five heartfelt stories span the areas of Personal Growth, Business/Finances, Health/Wellness, Relationships, Parenting and more. This book addresses every area that impacts a woman’s life and gives tips and tools on how to improve them. Each story is designed to move readers to create change immediately through action steps, written by the author, of the tangible things they did to reclaim their lives and skyrocket their successes.

“Ignite” moments are those life-altering decisions we remembered profoundly but didn’t see the long-term effects until we consciously become aware of the impact they made. Recognising our ignite moments helps us see ways we can improve and redefine our current experience. Authors came together to produce this book with the hopes of igniting other women to uncover their amazing potential and live their most spectacular lives.

Proceeds of the book will go to support underprivileged girls and women facing financial hardships through the donations of washable feminine products. Authors will also donate copies of the books around the world to their local charities and support centers with the hopes of encouraging all women to ignite their life.

Despite personal devastation, and life-threating events shared, this book leaves you feeling encouraged, excited and enthusiastic about reaching your own greatest potential. It weaves you through the victories and values each author learned and gleams insight and inspiration at every turn. Spanning the globe, and including authors from Canada, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, The UK, Germany, Singapore, and New Zealand.

The 35 contributing authors : Alex Jarvis, Andrea Reindl, Angela Legh, Annie Lebrun, Astuti Martosudirdjo, Carol Benson, Catherine Malli-Dawson, Cynthia Morgan, Deepanjali Sapkota, Dr. Judy Gianni, Georgia Vanderville, Heather Kerr, Helle Brodie, Jade Green, JB Owen, Jenni Walke, Jennifer Monaghan, Joanna Mercado Peters, Karyn Kerr Pettigrew, Katarina Amadora, Lourdes Aldanondo, Marnie Tarzia, Phyllis Roberto, Rosalyn Palmer, Rusti L Lehay, Shannon Silvermoon, Shirley Whing Chow, Stacey Yates Sellar, Susanne Rodriguez, Suzanne Hall, Taranum Khan, Trish Mrakawa, Valentine Owen, Virginia L Lehay, and Vivien Hunt.

Lisa Nichols , Celebrity Author says, “You are the designer of your destiny: you are the author of your story. Ignite Your Life for Women exemplifies that and shows how you too can create that in your life.” As one of the most sought-after female motivation speakers in the world, featured in the movie The Secret, Nichols lends her support and wisdom to this beautiful book. She invites readers to deep dive into the learning, and uncover their own experiences, that may have come wrapped in sandpaper but became defining moments of self-love and personal success.

Ignite Your Life For Women is the vision of JB Owen, an international businesswoman, world-class speaker and best-selling author who is passionate about inspiring women to believe in their dreams and become the fullest expression of themselves. She has created the platform to support authors in sharing their true-life stories and becoming published.

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Author Testimonials:

“Writing my story has been a beautiful and enjoyable experience. As my story began to reveal itself, I found a flow and ease through the writing process which has left me feeling lighter and more fulfilled. I am most thankful and grateful for all the and care that JB and Rusti have poured into creating this book.” Vivien Hunt,  England

“I always had a book inside me.  I bored people for years about how it would emerge and it did not until the juxtaposition of my life experiences and training in heling others allowed it.  Then the feedback was amazing. It was total synchronicity.  What I didn’t expect in this book was the level of love, care, professionalism and support that the team would put into it. It makes me love publishing. And being a woman. Thanks xx.” Rosalyn Palmer,  UK.

Readers reviews from

“From the first page, I felt like I was being invited to join this tribe of inspiring women. Women who, like me, have had tough times, made mistakes and searched for healing. Each captivating story is very different and yet all of them reveal the writer’s raw vulnerability, truth, pain and immense courage. Each of them gifts the reader their ‘Ignite’ moments and how they learned forgiveness, self-love and to live life in their own truth. The action steps at the end of each story provide a wide variety of practical, spiritual, physical and emotional strategies, so that every reader will find something that resonates, motivates and inspires.
I loved the format of this book, I found it easy to read, and it left me feeling uplifted. I have already recommended it to the women in my tribe.” Alison Harris.

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