NottinghamLIFE: A day in the life of Ben Newth Director of Reel Media

Ben Newth Reel Media

Videos engage, excite and explain.

So it follows that making them is lots of fun, too!

As Reel Media, a corporate video production company based in the heart of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, our job is to create videos and animations that achieve these aims for small and large businesses across the city, the East Midlands and the UK as a whole.

Founded in 2004, Reel Media is rooted in Nottinghamshire and has created videos and animations for some of the county’s most renowned businesses, including Boots and EON Energy.

Whether it’s an animated logo that brings a business’s personality to life, an explainer video that tackles a complex concept in an accessible, visual format, or the capturing of an event on film, we work with our clients to find the story and then put it into moving pictures.

While we’re studio based, we spend lots of time out of the studio on shoots – a typical day could look like this:

8am: We’ll start the day by brainstorming ideas for upcoming video pitches over several cups of coffee.

9am: A new client is in the studio for a kick off meeting – we discuss their business story and aims for the video. We might also decide on personalities for any animated characters or choose the most appropriate voice for a voice-over.

12pm: Lunchtime! Time to try a bite from one of the Creative Quarter’s newest eateries before rushing back to the studio to prepare for a shoot.

1pm: Action! We’re shooting a video in a local office and so start by setting up the lighting and briefing our actors.

4pm: Three hours later and it’s a wrap! We’ve got all the footage we need and so it’s time to head back to our studio on Stoney Street to plan the editing process.

5pm: There’s just time to respond to a new email lead which asks the question – how can video help my ecommerce business? My response contains the following points:

  1. Video…boosts conversion.

Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%, according to this handy infographic.

  1. Video…shares your brand and message.

Video is engaging, exciting and therefore shareable content. 92% of mobile video users share videos with others.

If you’re a new company and need to get your name and products out there, creating one shareable video is a cost-effective way of spreading the news and reaching a large audience.

  1. Video…increases email click-through rate.

Need to increase the click-through rate of your marketing emails? Including a video in your weekly newsletter could result in an increase of click-throughs of up to 300%.

If you would like to find out more about how video could benefit your business, please get in touch with the team at Reel Media.

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