Nottingham Author releases new book on Kindness


“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” —The 14th Dalai Lama.

Create Your Own Kindness is a new activity book for 6–12-year-olds from West Bridgford based child therapist and wellbeing author Becky Goddard-Hill.

In her book she shares over 50 ways kids can learn to be kind to themselves, kind to other people and to the wider world. Each activity is backed by science and research so children understand why it matters and how it works. Activities are wide ranging and most importantly lots of fun and range from affirmations,  tai – chi and baking scones, to picking up litter to making a lava lamp and fundraising!

This books will seriously keep kids entertained for days whilst at the same time teaching kids some really valuable lessons about kindness.

We all need a little more kindness in our life especially in these challenging times and we absolutely don’t have to wait for some one to be kind to us – we can create our own kindness whenever we choose.

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