Literature- Nottinghamshire author and therapist hits Amazon No.1 status for the second time in two months now with Leadership book


Rosalyn Palmer from Newark UK is a contributing author to Ignite Your Female Leadership that went to No.1 on Amazon (Kindle version) in the Business Book category in three countries (USA, UK, Germany) within three days of its launch on July 5 2019. She is also a contributor to the Amazon No.1 (Personal Transformation and Spirituality sectors) bestseller Ignite Your Life for Women that launched on 16 May. This is the third book for Palmer in less than a year. Her award winning self-help book Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life was published September 2018.

Palmer is an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and coach in private practice (face to face in Newark and London and worldwide via Zoom online) with a regular local radio show and local newspaper column on the topic of emotional wellbeing.

Palmer’s chapter is first in the book after that of the publisher. It is entitled: Lead from your heart; inspire from your actions. It has the stated intention of: “I’m sharing with you what I now know to be true: your authentic value is the glue that holds you, and others, together. Leadership is having the vision to know when, and where, to apply that glue and the courage to do so. Then its in reapplying that glue and holding the center, the truth, the love and the decency together. Always”. Her story covers the years from growing up above her parent’s grocery shop, an attack in a car park by the UK’s biggest serial rapist, PR success, loss, reinvention in Charity Marketing and training as a therapist.

Ignite Your Female Leadership is the vision of JB Owen, an international businesswoman and world-class speaker who is passionate about inspiring women to believe in their dreams and become the fullest expression of themselves. She has created the platform to support authors in sharing their true-life stories and becoming published. In Ignite Your Life for Female Leadership each author describes an “IGNITE” moment that catapulted them forward into a leadership role in their lives.

Says JB Owen: “A true female leader uses her leadership skills in the mental, emotional and physiological support of others. They don’t use full grit and guts as their only leadership style. Female leaders dive deep into the internal structures that make us who we are. They factor in the person, the atmosphere, and all the variable to do their best so everyone is served. They guide with a gentler hand. Push less and encourage more. They battle for the cause not the individual and set aside their personal needs to serve a higher purpose.”

As with Ignite Your Life for Women the leadership book is a compilation, featuring stories from 35 women who span the globe. The reader will discover powerful “ignite” moments themselves and feel motivated to take action. The book includes action steps, written by each author – of the tangible things they did to own leadership in their lives and skyrocket their success. It motivates the reader to take action and accomplish long-cherished dreams. Palmer is the sole UK contributor to the Leadership edition.

Says Palmer: “Ignite moments are those life-altering moments of decision we remember profoundly, yet recognise their impact only after becoming consciously aware of the long-term effects. Recognising such moments helps us to see ways we can improve and redefine our current experience and help others to navigate theirs better”.

Proceeds from the Ignite books go to support underprivileged girls and women facing financial hardships, through the donations of washable feminine products.


About the author: Rosalyn Palmer is a leading specialist in hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Coaching. She is a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists, General Hypnotherapy Register and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. She is also a broadcaster, newspaper columnist and a regular media contributor on the issues of health and wellbeing. Formerly a PR agency boss, Head of Marketing for an International Charity, cancer and multiple life navigator, she has life experience you couldn’t make up; something that resonates with other women and men.
Media opportunities: Rosalyn Palmer is an experienced writer, journalist, broadcaster and interviewee available for:
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