Frack Free Nottinghamshire


On Monday 18th November, a group of 30 attendees gathered at The Maze, to discuss a most controversial environmental topic. Fracking is the rather crude nickname given to the process of hydraulic fracturing, which is drilling for gas using high-pressured water, sand and chemicals injected into rocks to extract the natural gasses within.

Nottinghamshire contains rich resources of coal bed methane, and even shale bed methane, the two different types of gas the government plans to ‘frack’ for. Those who are ‘pro fracking’ suggest it will give the UK cheaper gas, improve the economy and provide jobs, as well as being a ‘clean’ process. Those against say that not only is all of that a lie, but fracking also contaminates local water supplies, degrades the environment, will cost an absolute fortune to the taxpayer (because just one example is the water that comes back after fracturing rock will be radiated and expensive to clean), and will not do anything for the energy race except ruin our chances of competing when we have invested time in retrograde fossil fuel procedures rather than green technologies which in case no-ones noticed, are imperative to keeping the planet from dying on us before its time.

After hearing from local experts Nigel Lee and Green Party member Katherina Boettge the group then discussed a plan of action, and as the frost formed in the streets, The Maze warmed with the real green energy buzzing inside. Local activists, farmers, politicians, geologists, graphic designers, artists and the concerned public knocked heads and spoke about their concerns. The key points were identified, as well as the most necessary first steps, and miraculously each person put their hand up to take on a job. But this is not light work. The next two meetings were decided upon, and absolutely everybody is welcome. Fracking is a huge issue and it will affect each one of us, unless of course you don’t like clean drinking water or clean air to breathe, in which case, go pro.

Broadway Cinema will be screening Gasland 2 on Monday 25th November, and many of us plan to be there. If you’d like to find out more, send me your email address or just turn up to our next meetings.

Monday 2nd December in The Peacock (upstairs room)
Tuesday 17th December in Fade and the Hard to Find Cafe

We decided on the name ‘Frack Free Nottinghamshire’ because it’s good to hold hands with partner groups around the country already fighting this on their on turf.

You can get to us through Facebook too:

Article by Parisa Eliyon

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