Food: Louis Louis to crank up the Pizza base at Das Kino

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An ambitious Nottingham chef is turning up the heat on the city’s already vibrant restaurant and bar scene with his unique new Pizza & Deli Emporium.

Louis Gray, aka Louis Louis, is taking on a much sought after residency when he starts up his own eatery in the city, by using his love of bold flavours and cutting-edge produce, he’s aiming to give diners something a little bit different.

Starting with the classic pizzas and sandwiches he will be taking them to another level, giving them his own twist when he opens ‘Louis Louis Pizza & Deli Emporium’ in September.

Louis will be serving up pizzas like ‘The Swine and Pine’ with sweet chilli glazed pineapple, shredded ham hock and jalapeños and the ‘Summer Garden’ unbaked and topped with garlic butter, spinach, watercress, macerated fennel, radish and tomato shaved parmesan.

The sides will include Bratwurst baked beans, chicken strips with honey mustard and spring onion and warm giant pretzels with hummus, balsamic vinegar and oil. Deli style sandwiches and home-made cakes will also be on offer alongside a Sunday Brunch service.

Louis, 23, is excited to be turning the dream of starting up on his own into a reality. He said: “I’ve been cooking professionally for four years now and to get the chance to go it alone is something I’m very much looking forward to, especially in my home city. It has been my goal since I was just a kid.”

“My passion for cookery comes from spending time in the kitchen with my food obsessed family and I’m using these influences and my love of using bold flavour combinations, to create a menu which I believe is a real game-changer.”

Louis Louis Pizza & Deli Emporium will be opening up in Das Kino on Fletcher Gate in mid September.

He added: “I am excited to be working with the guys at Das Kino as it is one of my favourite venues in Nottingham. Das Kino is due to celebrate its first birthday soon and it’s become a real go to place in the city.

“It’s exciting to think that I will be feeding their loyal punters and helping to continue to make it the place to eat in Nottingham.”

For more information visit Louis Louis on

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