Buns of Steel

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The Theatre Royal this week is revelling in the national tour, of the stage version of the 1997 hit film The Full Monty.

The mostly ladies of Nottingham enjoyed a ‘fit’ Gary Lucy from off the tele, take the main role of Gaz, his first major stage role, he gave a convincing performance as a man struggling to keep custody of his son, by any means possible.

Gaz eventually organises a group of jobseekers to put on a strip show to raise cash.  Sheffield’s answer to The Chippendales, back in 1980’s unemployment. The show includes those infamous scenes in which the men gyrate to the sounds of Donna Summer and Hot Chocolate, and of course Tom Jones with ‘Keep your hat on’.

The humour comes sometimes, in a dark fashion especially in a scene where a lonely Lomper played brilliantly by  Bobby Schofield attempts to commit suicide.
Other more obvious humour comes from dubious underwear and initially some dad dancing.

The best scene for me wasn’t the cleverly staged last one, but rather the ‘dole’ queue where the characters are sub-consciously are drawn into practice moves.

A great night out full of fun and pathos,  maybe too late to see The Full Monty Theatre Royal  this time as it is a sell out,   but the tour continues around the country to the end of the year.

Review by Ann Taylor

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