Art: Glass exhibition breaks boundaries at The Harley Gallery


Many of the finest glass artists in the country are displaying their work in a new, exclusive exhibition of some of the best and most challenging contemporary glasswork at The Harley Gallery on the Welbeck Estate, between Nottingham and Sheffield.

‘Loud and Clear’ runs to 15 July 2018 and aims to present some of the most technically challenging glasswork currently being created and includes floating glass panels etched with photographs, to brightly coloured vessels, to extraordinary sculpture such as Erin Dickson’s ‘Bed’.

The artist stripped her bedroom of all personal belongings, leaving only a bedframe. The mattress was replaced with a large sheet of glass, upon which she slept for five consecutive nights. Using photography to show a view from below the glass bed the artwork reveals the effect that glass has on the body, exposing the artist and her physical and emotional discomfort in this most intimate space.

Curated exclusively for The Harley Gallery by the National Glass Centre, Loud and Clear features more than thirty pieces on display from artists including Scott Benefield, Heike Brachlow, Effie Burns, James Devereux, Erin Dickson, Carrie Fertig, Choi Keeryong, James Maskrey, Helen Maurer, Joanne Mitchell, Helen Pailing, Jeffrey Sarmiento, Ayako Tani, Angela Thwaites, Elliot Walker, Emma Woffenden and Jeff Zimmer.

Lisa Gee, Director at The Harley Gallery: “Glass blowing is a very old art form but the application of modern technology by a new wave of artists is leading to some very bold, extraordinary new forms. We’ll be showing some exciting and challenging new pieces, many of them quite different from what people might expect from artists working with glass, but with a great deal of beauty on display as well.”

The National Glass Centre is based in Sunderland. It explores the development of contemporary practice and demonstrates excellence in glass and ceramics from British and international artists.

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